Leverage your practice smartphone app to improve internal efficiency.
Voice-to-text means your fee earners are more productive.

There are so many benefits your clients get using your app, we though it makes sense to have an “Office” icon in the app that you can use for internal use. In other words, only practice employees can access the information behind the “Office” icon.

Think of the “Office” area as an intranet to make your practice more productive.

For example, you can access some of the following functions using your smartphone;

  • Annual Leave request
  • Access to payroll information
  • Process and procedures
  • Master Tax Guide
  • The Practice Intranet
  • Quick Admin Tasks
  • Forms
  • Sick leave, etc

Here is just one example of how a partner might use the “Office” feature.

You have just had a long meeting with a client in one of your meeting rooms and your client leaves.

Just whip your phone out of your pocket, take a photo of your notes, being the '5 things you promised to do'. click the Voice-to-Text button and start speaking and your words will be converted to text. “Hi Admin please perform the following 5 task that have come out of may meeting with Ron today."

  1. Please change his address to 99 Smith street and his email address.
  2. Please create a new company called "Apps are great”, etc.

After speaking to your smartphone and hitting submit, your task is created in iPracticeHub and admin are automatically alerted. No typing long emails, voice-to-text is much faster.