Drag and drop from the ATO Agent portal with one click and your ATO documents are processed.

We know the ATO has a 'digital-first' project and that includes ATO correspondence (The paper copies you get in the mail will go).

We find as a general rule that for every tax return you lodge you will get 5 pieces of correspondence from the ATO. If you lodge 1000 tax returns that’s 5000 pieces of paper via the mail.

With ATO Smart Docs we have built new technology using AI and Machine Learning.

Instead of checking the mail every morning, the ATO already provide you a pdf copy of the NOA, for example via your Agent Portal, so you can go paperless now.

Here is how ATO Smart Docs could work for your practice.

In the morning your admin person logs into the Agent portal and drags across all of the new ATO correspondence straight into ATO Smart Docs. It's much quicker than opening an envelope or waiting an extra 2 or 3 days for the printed version to arrive in the mail.

Once you have dragged across all of ATO correspondence for the day just click “Process” and the magic happens.

  1. As there are all different types of documents delivered NOA’s BAS, Letters. PAYG etc, ATO Smart Docs automatically identifies the document type.
  2. Now ATO Smart Docs reads the TFN and matches it back to the data base to see which client it belongs to
  3. Now the PDF is renamed automatically using your preferred naming convention. Eg “2018 NOA for Ron Drost.PDF”
  4. If the document is an NOA, ATO Smart Docs automatically checks the assessment amount against the estimated value calculated by your tax program.
  5. A copy of the document is ready to be saved in your document management system.
  6. ATO Smart Docs checks the preferred method of delivery tagged in your Practice Management System for that client. For example it might be “MyDocs” via your secure practice app.
  7. If the amounts agree the NOA is sent to the client via “MyDocs” and the client gets an email, push message.
  8. Your client clicks on the “MyDocs” button in your app and reviews the NOA
  9. Job Done in seconds

Our research shows the NOA process can take practices on average 6 mins per NOA.
The above process takes less than 5 seconds per NOA !!