Automate admin tasks and make it easy to manage admin jobs.
Give your fee earners the confidence to hand over non-chargeable work.

Once, again our practice audits revealed that managing admin jobs as a practice moves to digital was a real challenge and issue. Some of the methods we uncovered practices using included;

  • Yell an admin task request across the room
  • An email to everyone in the admin team
  • Post it stickers with address changes
  • Using an admin email address that all admin team members got, so no one knew who was working on what.
  • No central list of admin jobs and who was working on what.
  • No easy way of tracking what a sick admin team member was working on.

We solved the problem by building iPracticeHub to manage all admin tasks.

Just email the job request to the special iPracticeHub email for your practice and the job is created instantly and admin are alerted. The process and procedure for the specific job are automatically attached and off admin go completing the task.

All jobs can be view in any number of ways. You even have customised forms to make sure all the necessary information neede for the job is supplied at the beginning.