Make sure your data integrity process is bullet proof.
Protect your data integrity as you switch to more cloud based systems.

Over the last couple of years, we have been privileged to have conducted a number of practice audits of accounting firms. (Spending over a day onsite reviewing everything from software usage to process and procedures).

One issue kept coming up “Database Integrity”. Did, you know our research shows over 7 different databases per practice?  Here are some of our results;

  • Most practices have over 7 database
  • A lot of database errors occur when key admin team members are away
  • Database mistakes can cost you clients
  • Database mistakes can cause ASIC fines

As we go digital and shift to best of bread products, Database integrity becomes critical. Imagine a client calls to let you know they have changed their email address and your main database gets updated but some of the small databases miss out.

It’s a funny thing to say, but we like finding problems because we love fixing them using new technology. That’s how our “iPracticeHub” was built originally to make sure all of the above issues were fixed.

It’s simple, you may be speaking to a client on the phone and they tell you about their email address change. Just email iPracticeHub with the change and a job is automatically created and admin are alerted. When Admin open the job all of the databases are listed with a tick box ready to be updated. If the admin person is new or filling in for another admin person who is away, the process and procedure are one click away so database changes are done properly!

All database changes have a full audit trail so everyone is accountable.