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Match the right delivery technology to the right clients.

Client Digital Delivery effects every practice and our research highlights how many practices are not compliant with Privacy and TFN legislation. Plus, we now have the changes to Mandatory Data Breach reporting.

Its every practice's nightmare to have to tell all their clients they have had a data breach.

Getting a strategy around secure digital delivery is critical and that’s what the “Client Digital Delivery” block is all about.

  1. We audit your current methods of delivery to make sure they are compliant.
  2. We build a plan that will allow you practice to securely move to secure methods of delivery for all of your important client documents, Tax Returns, Financials, ATO Correspondence, ASIC documents, Super Docs etc.

We believe you need a mixture of delivery options from portal to secure app delivery to paper for some of your clients.

Processes need to be changed, we need to manage how we tag the method of delivery for your clients.
How do we get documents signed?
How are we going to create PDF documents properly and efficiently?

Our research shows that practices experience significant cost and time reductions when they implement a proper client delivery strategy.